Ana Juan-García, PhD.

Associate Professor of Toxicology at University of Valencia, Spain. e-mail: Researcher ID : F-3403-2013 ORCID: 0000-0002-5988-0490

Prof. Juan-García focuses most of her research in toxicology field for quality and safety in food and feed by studying toxic effects of contaminant compounds present in several food products, and more specifically with mycotoxins. The presence of such compounds in fermented foods is also of consideration. Her research efforts are addressed on evaluating mycotoxins toxicity and risk assessment through majorly in vitro but also in vivo assays by using different techniques and biological models. She holds a Degree in Pharmacy and International European PhD both by University of Valencia. She was Postdoc Researcher at Purdue University (Lafayette, IN, USA) under supervision of Prof. J. Paul Robinson and more recently Visiting Scholar at Harvard University (Boston, MA, USA) with Prof. Florian Engert. She serves as Purdue Alumni Ambassador in Spain since 2014. She has been tutor for ERASMUS students in Faculty of Pharmacy at University of Valencia. She is member of different toxicology societies, Spanish Society of Toxicology (AETOX), European Society of Toxicology In Vitro (ESTIV), Society of Toxicologist (SOT-Full member) and Hispanic Organization of Toxicologists (HOT), on which she has participated and collaborate in several national and international scientific meetings.

Amparo Gamero, PhD.

Assistant Professor of Food Technology, University of Valencia, Spain. e-mail: Researcher ID: R-2415-2018. ORCID: 0000-0002-7226-4844

Dr. Gamero works as Assistant Professor at the University of Valencia in the Food Technology area.  She holds an European Ph.D in Food Science, Technology & Management as well as the Human Nutrition & Dietetics and Food Science & Technology degrees. Her main research topic is the study of aroma production by non-conventional yeasts in fermented food products, especially alcoholic beverages, bread and meat. Her research is reflected in her publications in international journals and active participation in congresses at international level. She has worked and carrying out short stays at different universities, research centers and companies of different European countries: Spain (Spanish National Research Council, CSIC; University of Valencia; University of Zaragoza; AINIA technology centre), The Netherlands (NIZO food research; Fungal Biodiversity Center, CBS-KNAW), Denmark (University of Copenhagen; Carlsberg Research Center; Christian Hansen) and Belgium (University of Leuven).

Prof. Ros-Lis leads the research group REDOLí. He has wide experience in the application of chemistry to food systems, IP protection and project management. He has been the organizer of several workshops and events, currently coordinates 3 subjects in Grade/Master and has participated as lecturer in courses for foreign postgraduate students and coach in the Climate-KIC.